Friday, September 21, 2012

The Grey (2012)


I was pretty psyched to find this on Netflix streaming as it is something of a newer movie and I'm usually disappointed with their selection.  There were parts of this movie that were done very well - the plane crash and the immediate aftermath, for instance, were amazingly freaky.  They create real tension while the survivors battle the elements and what seem like supernaturally powered wolves.  Also, I like Liam Neeson a lot and his character was more then just the "tough old hunter that knows everything" kind of guy.

However, I did have issues.  Which I will discuss in the comments because I'm about to get spoil-y!


DCD said...


So -I know I'm a baby and all and I get that movies can't all end happily, especially in this day and age. But I was really annoyed with the way they killed off the guy before Liam Neeson. It just seemed mean. So, yeah, they all die. Even though it's slightly ambiguous in the end because they don't show Liam's character actually fight the alpha wolf - but you know he's a goner.

Also, in retrospect, I just don't get the decision that leaving the plane wreckage would give them a better chance against the wolves. Let's bail on something that can be used as shelter, can be defended and has the chance of being discovered to walk out, exposed, in the open tundra with crazy, super-smart, humongous jacked up wolves. Good plan.

In the whole, the good just didn't outweigh the bad for me. And it made me cry, which results in puffy morning eyes. Not cool.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I hear ya DCD! I was TOTALLY bummed by the ending even though I enjoyed the rest of the movie.

Catfreeek said...

Yes JSP but dammit we were at the Cinema Pub and the popcorn was & beer were good:)

Octopunk said...

For me, stories really have to work it if they're going to earn their bad ending. If I'm going to be made to feel like crap, it better be for some good art.

This movie is one of those times I'd prefer to know in advance.