Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Horrorthon Countdown Challenge Day 6! Themes and Sub-Themes, collect them all!

Morning campers! Less than a week to go! If you haven't got a list of stuff going, today's an excellent day to start. I myself will be heading over to my Netflix queue later to see what's what.

And what IS what? What sort of ideas are tickling your brain's horrorthalmus? As you can see above, I'm honoring Johnny Sweatpants's admirably thorough roundup of clown horror from last year. Maybe you'd like some bug movies? Haunted houses? Comedy? Sharks? Funny movies about houses haunted with bug sharks?

As with last year, I want to stress that it's totally cool to keep your plans a secret until your reviews start rolling out. That can be particularly fun if you're planning to go after a whole series of sequels, so we can go "She made it all the way to Jason X? The pain!"

And of course, weird sub-themes are always welcome. I'm still hoping for a partner for Splice's distinctive "mad scientist who sleeps with his creation" element. And I never tire of bringing up one of my favorite horror sub-themes, "movies in which someone is stabbed with a statue of a unicorn head." (In case you've forgotten, they're The Abominable Dr. Phibes and the original Black Christmas. If I find a third one I'll do a little jig.)

Obviously one can't anticipate that sort of thing; you can't plan to watch multiple movies in which a topless woman is impaled on a mounted deer head, you just have to let great art like that flow over you. One of the unique benefits of Horrorthon.

And if you don't have any categories in mind, this could be a good place to discuss possibilities. It's occured to me that "Horrorthonner staff picks" would be an excellent place to start, too. (In which case, see my last post.) Or just go free style!

So how 'bout it, gangalang? What's cooking in your scary skulls?


Octopunk said...

I made some noise last year about doing a "depravity" lineup, but I'm afraid I'm putting that off for a later year (although Cat gave me a copy of The Poughkeepsie Tapes last year, so I'm not whimping out completely).

I will of course be screening more of the Toho lineup of giant monster flicks, Godzilla and otherwise. As I find them ill-fitted for large scale marathons, I will be accumulating those for years to come.

In place of depravity I plan to go after Sci-Fi Horror. It's a category I've been dabbling in for a few 'thons now, but I think it's time to get thorough.

There are eight flicks that I watched for Horrorthon 2009 that I never reviewed, my only outstanding reviews in Horrorthon history, and I think it's time to hit those up for repeat viewings. We'll see how I do there.

As always, I'm courting Crawling Hand flicks and looking around for a movie whose title ends with an exclamation point.

AC said...

my plan is similar to last year's: pushing myself to watch at least one horror movie i've bailed on in the past (last year it was eegah, damn you all), and otherwise focusing on horror-comedy, classic horror i've never seen, and "so bad it's good" gems.

Catfreeek said...

Pssst Octo, speaking of exclamation points, The Shuttered Room / It! double feature is on Netflix and if you remember from last year when I reviewed It! the film has that sweet golem that was killing everyone;)

Landshark said...

Looking back, my two most successful thons have been the 2 years when I've had clear themes: film noir in 08 and Hitchcock in 10.

In both cases, though, I realize I hardly exhausted the categories, so I'm going to hit them both back up this time. So lots of noir and Hitchcock and noir Hitchcock in my future.

JPX said...

Doesn't "eegah" have an exclamation point as in "Eegah!"?

JPX said...

I vote for AC to watch every SAW movie!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

The only (sorta) theme I'm going to stick to this year is recommendations from other 'Thonners. And maybe bugs.

Any recent news on Human Centipede 3? It doesn't look like it'll be out this October. :(

Landshark said...

Octo, check out Hitchcock's early flick: Murder!

Octopunk said...

Thanks for the tip, Cat! I'm there. I can't believe I didn't note the exclamation point in my comment on your review.

I'd like to screen Saws 4 thru 7 (right? 7?) so I can complete the detailed list of spoilers that I posted in the comments on my Saw 1,2, and 3 review back in 2006. I also was thinking about reviewing all the Resident Evil flicks because there's a new one out. But I know from experience that going for a whole series is a time commitment.

Landshark said...

I've never seen any of the Res Evils, but I played the shit out of Resident Evil 4 on Wii. Damn that's a great and scary game.

50PageMcGee said...

i'm looking into Tech Gone Bad. the possibilities are pretty far reaching:

movies about robots, ex: deadly friend
movies about toxic waste, ex: class of nuke em high
movies about bad experiments, ex: splice
movies about post nuclear war, ex: the road
movies that suck, ex: lawnmower man

ideally i'd go with tech gone bad because of stuff we did wrong -- christine doesn't really fit that category, so maybe i'm thinking of movies about tech gone wrong for any reason.

willing to take suggestions.

Octopunk said...

Ha. Tech Gone Bad is the theme of most episodes of Thunderbirds. Some guy at the beginning boasts how their whatchamacallit is "fully automated" and then pretty soon it's bearing down on some hapless village.

I haven't seen it, but I think Chopping Mall might fit your description. There's also Hardware.

Somehow I missed Landshark's comment about Murder!. Maybe I'll save that one for next year. And is that Janet Leigh's mouth as your avatar there?

50PageMcGee said...

i've got hardware. adding chopping mall.

i wanted to say, "movies that suck, ex: maximum overdrive" but it's not available on netflix.

Crystal Math said...

Since I tied with JSP last year and am determined to beat him this year I jacked up my queue with all sorts of things, ranging from Troma to classics to . . . well, I don't like to give everything away (personality trait of a teacher).

From a scholarly viewpoint I want to examine horror as a genre, what makes horror, how the mind processes scary stuff -- especially the things that were previously taken as reality like magic and witchcraft.

AC said...

oh, jpx, you troublemaker, indeed eegah is (sometimes) referred to as eegah!

i veto the suggestion about the saw movies, not willing to lose my hard-won biddy cred.

Octopunk said...

I just tallied up all the movies containing an Alien and/or Predator (there's 8) and the Saw flicks I haven't seen (there's 4). Last year I watched 26 flicks, so assuming I score that many (not an assumption I would bet on), that's almost half my list.

I've always considered the Alien and Predator franchises to be the axis of sci-fi horror, but as I've been stretching that theme out over several years I won't feel bad if I don't get to all of them.

I'm with you, Crystal. Hold some cards close to the vest. For me, those are the random surprise movies.

Catfreeek said...

50P,Monsturd fits into your catagory;)

DCD said...

Late to the party. As usual I don't have a real theme in mind. I do like going off of other thonners suggested movies, although I worry that maybe that's not so original and won't really interest anyone...

Octopunk said...

Hey baby, don't be so down on yourself! It takes away the fun of mocking you.

Staff Picks is a good way to go. We're experts!

(Now I'm imagining we all work in a video store and there actually is a Staff Picks shelf. And then nearby it is a shelf of gross snacks we eat without paying for.)