Monday, September 10, 2012

Watch Six Deleted Scenes from "Prometheus"

From worstpreviews, "Prometheus" is set to hit stores on DVD and Blu-ray on October 11th, and will contain 23 minutes of extra footage. Today we have ten of those minutes, which equate to six deleted scenes.

The scenes don't show Michael Fassbender's full conversation with the Engineer or the final battle that was meant to be much longer. Instead, we learn a bit more about the characters, including their motivations.

Watch the scenes here

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Octopunk said...


Okay, worse. There are now more reasons to dislike the stuff I already disliked.

-- More talk about going on a four-year space mission without knowing a damn thing about it

-- The exobiologist sticks his face into the shed skin or whatever that is

-- The archaeologist boyfriend is even more of a whiny bitch baby about MERELY finding the most significant archaeological find EVER in the WHOLE HISTORY OF MANKIND. He might as well say "It's not my faaaavorite!"

How does this happen? How does not one person with a critical eye get to look at the script before they start shooting? So frustrating, this movie could've been truly great.