Monday, October 04, 2004

Bride of Frankenstein

(1935) ***1/2

Frankenstein is captured by the angry mob and put in a prison cell which he escapes in about 5 seconds after they close the door. While Frankie wanders around and is greeted everywhere by screams (each one louder and more piercing than the last). A rival scientist - Dr. Petoria (who had great success creating little men the size of Star Wars figures) coerces Dr. Frankenstein into creating a female monster for some reason. Meanwhile, the monster makes a great friend with a lonely, pitiful blind man that prays daily for any kind of company. At this point the Frankenstein monster inexplicably learns to talk. The friendship is shattered when a couple of people that can see knock on the door and ruin everything. The lesson learned in this movie - matchmaking is hard enough between humans, do not attempt to match monsters together.

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