Monday, October 04, 2004

Kiss me, Kill me

(1973) *1/2

Isabelle, an anorexic-looking fashion photographer, meets Baba Yaga, a witch, one evening on the street and is invited to Baba Yaga's house sometime. She takes her up on the offer and discovers in the house a bottomless hole in the floor. Baba Yaga gives Isabelle a doll, donned in an S&M outfit, that she says will protect her (from what we never learn). Baba curses Isabelle’s camera, which then seems to cause bad things to happen whenever someone is photographed with it (i.e., people act as if they have been shot). Throughout the movie Isabelle has dreams that are filled with eroticism and violence. A lot of these dreams are shown in very grainy film or as a set of grainy stills. There’s a lot of T&A in the movie and also a dominatrix-style whipping scene. I never really understood what the hell was happening in this movie and I felt frustrated for (a) committing to watch it and (b) because it made me feel stupid. It was pointless and stupid. The climax lasted all of 1 minute with the witch being easily dispatched (guess how, the answer lies in the review). Avoid at all costs. I would’ve given it only 1 star, but it gave it an extra half point because of all the nudity.

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Octopunk said...

I saw this! I Netflixed it some time in the past few months. That witch was one of the weakest villainesses I've ever seen.

And everybody knows to put a velvet rope around the living room hole to Hell, sheesh.