Monday, October 04, 2004


(1931) ***1/2

Let me start by saying that I refuse to hold old crap to a lower standard just because it's deemed "classic". A good analogy would be rock music. I love the Beta Band and the Beta Band cites the Beach Boys as a main influence. I can even hear some of this influence in their work so therefore I should listen to the Beach Boys. Wrong! I just don't like the Beach Boys and I'm not going to pretend I enjoy their music simply because they're in the history books. So I admittedly went into Frankenstein with a bad attitude. I find most horror classics to be about as interesting and scary as an infomercial. Having said that, I
found myself really enjoying Frankenstein simply because it's a great story centered around the age old debate of science vs. religion (the correct answer is science). The monster never asked to be brought to life but is forced to live in a world of fear and hatred, eventually fleeing from an angry mob. On a personal note, the scene where Frankenstein threw the little girl into the pond reminded me of the time Jay and I threw Matt into Brickyard pond. It was a great day.

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