Monday, October 04, 2004


(2002) **1/2

Man, my day of watching sub par horror continued with this Ring ripoff. Basically a police detective, Mike, is assigned to investigate a mysterious rash that leaves its victims bleeding out of the eyes. He works with a Department of Health associate, Terry, who suspects at first that it is some sort of weird virus. Once they confirm that it is not a virus, they begin a murder investigation. They soon figure out that the common link between all of the victims is that they all visited the site (I did not type that wrong, it is really that stupid.) They also notice that all of the victims have died within 48 hours of visiting the site (somehow not as creepy as, “7 days”). Now, most intelligent people would conclude that you shouldn’t visit this site if they already have proof that it kills you. Do they visit it? Of course! First Mike visits it, starts getting the strange visions (including the very tired horror movie cliché vision of a freaky little girl) and warns Terry NOT TO VISIT THE SITE! Of course, in horror movie-speak that automatically translates into OKAY, I WILL VISIT THE SITE!, which she immediately does. What happens from then would ruin the plot, but let’s just say it is a bunch of weird stuff that makes no sense and defies logic. In all fairness, there are some effective creepy images stemming from the site itself. Ultimately I once again found myself in the position of questioning my comprehension abilities. I just didn’t get it. I mean, there was this evil internet snuff site and there was also this vengeful ghost floating around. I’m still not sure how it’s all connected. Sigh.

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