Monday, October 04, 2004

Jeepers Creepers 2

(2003) **1/2

While this unwarranted sequel is much better than the original (a rare horror feat, see the Omen), it still falls flat and hard on many levels. Ray Wise has proven that he can convincingly mourn the loss of a child (see Twin Peaks) as well as play the role of a crazy psycho (also see Twin Peaks) and he is the best reason to watch this. It's also nice to see a busload of football layers get their come-uppings. The plot is not worth getting into (OK fine, a weird monster feeds on humans for 23 days very 23 years) but what we should focus on is the monster himself. I've got to say he's a pretty cool badass gargoyle looking
freak, but suffers from the often made mistake of too much screentime. While JC2 is certainly mindless fun, it gets bogged down by unoriginality and reality TV Survivor mentality.

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