Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Romero says new Dead film on the way

Good news on the zombie front!


JPX said...

I wasn't as taken by Land of the Dead as you guys were so I'm not quite as psyched as I should be about this news.

Octopunk said...

Land of the Dead gets props just for having Asia Argento in it. I also think it has a certain amount of intrinsic value just because it is so distinctly a Romero zombie flick, just like the Star Wars prequels or the Matrix sequels, while disappointing in some ways, retain the feel of the source material like no other movies can.

Plus, Asia Argento is in it.

Summerisle said...

That is great news! JPX, you need to revisit Land. I'm telling you, it's much better the 2nd time around. I think you maybe watched too many black and white movies this year so your judgment is skewed.

Not only that, Asia Argento's in it.

JPX said...

And in other news, George Romero's glasses finally consume his face, film at 11.