Monday, March 04, 2013

Christopher Nolan Taking Over Justice League, And Bringing Bale Back As Batman?

From cinemablend, we've gotten really worried about the Justice League movie lately, with news that Warner Bros. had thrown out Will Beall's script for the film, and a lot of us worried the movie-- like George Miller's attempt years ago-- would fall apart entirely. But of course, Justice League carries enormous potential for the studio, their version of the massively successful The Avengers, and they're not going to give up that fast. Especially if they've got an ace up their sleeve to make it happen with aplomb.

Who's that ace? Christopher Nolan, of course. No, he hasn't been involved in any Justice League plans so far, stating over and over that his role as producer on this summer's Superman effort Man of Steel will be his last effort in superhero stories, and he's completely done with Batman. But according to Latino Review, the scrapping of Will Beall's script is a sign that has changed… and "Chris Nolan has completely taken over the DC Universe at Warner Bros."

Nolan's hand guiding the future of DC Comics stories is exactly what fans have been rooting for this whole time, but that's not all: Latino Review's sources tell them that Nolan is shaping Justice League as a team-up between Man of Steel star Henry Cavill and Christian Bale, reprising his role as Batman. As Latino Review's El Mayimbe puts it, Superman will arrive and find Bruce Wayne somewhere in his peaceful retirement, tell him he's putting a team together, and get all the new action started.

Do we know if any of this will happen? Of course not-- not only is this a rumor, albeit one from a site with a strong track record for getting it right, but this is all talk happening before the June 14 release of Man of Steel, whose success will completely determine the future of DC movies. Remember, it wasn't so long ago that Superman Returns was supposed to mark a whole new Superman franchise and spinoffs, and we all moved on from that pretty quickly. But word on Man of Steel is also strong, so if that film turns into a hit, the return of Nolan and Bale's Batman might be much, much more possible than you ever thought. 


Johnny Sweatpants said...

This seems like a no-brainer as every DC endeavor that Nolan isn't involved in pretty much sucks.

HandsomeStan said...

DC whore here. I couldn't agree more, but I wonder how marginalized Flash will be (couldn't care less about Ryan Reynolds, who shit the bed). If this will end up being a Supes-Batman pic, then Nolan is the guy to do it.

But it's the dynamic between Flash and Superman that is totally compelling. (Full disclosure - Flash is my favorite superhero.) He's actually FASTER than Supes, if lore is to be believed. The casting of this (Barry Allen was a blond, curly-haired superhero that contrasted with Supes and Batman's dark brunette slicked back look, as well as Hal Jordan's brown hair)) is supremely important - I look forward to being massively disappointed.

Flash needs his own movie, much like Hulk and Captain America and Iron Man, to flesh out this movie. But they ain't doing that. For the record, the build-up to The Avengers was absolutely epic, and they should be actually shelving the Justice League movie until they have other tentpoles established.

In any event, Nolan is a good thing, much like JJ with SW. But...Flash.

And Octo's Legos are awesome. As well as the Spiderman posts. The comments are at the highest level of comedy. My kudos to everyone, and my condolences about the demise of The Missile.