Sunday, March 10, 2013

President Obama Jokes About Mixing Up "Star Wars" and "Star Trek"

From worstpreviews, During a recent speech,President Obama mixed up "Star Trek" and "Star Wars" when he said that he would have to use a "Jedi mind meld" to convince Congress to do what he wants. The problem is that is a "Jedi mind trick" and a "mind meld," which are from two different franchises.

Obama has now spoken about the mix-up, stating: "After a very public mix-up last week, my communications team has provided me with an easy way to distinguish between 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars,' Spock is what Maureen Dowd calls me. Darth Vader is what John Boehner calls me."

Boehner is the Republican House Speaker, while Dowd is a NY Times journalist.

Obama joked: "And in the words of one of my favorite 'Star Trek' characters -- Captain James T. Kirk of the USS Enterprise-- 'May the force be with you.'"

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