Monday, March 11, 2013

Daily Spider-Man: I totally called it


DCD said...

The facial expressions on Kingpin and the poor fated henchman are awesome!

JPX said...

Octo, you did call it! I thought he would whack the guy with the cane not use it as a gun! What did the thug believe would happen if he crossed the Kingpin.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Hahaha Octo, you totally called it! I'm pleased that Kingpin snuffed out this little insurrection quickly although I would have preferred a wittier rejoinder than "No... you're not!" The croney looks like he's in so much pain! O'well, he was an idiot to disobey Kingpin.

Octopunk said...

There's two things I've been trying to figure out during this little insurrection subplot:

1. Is this just a dream Peter's having while napping in a web hammock slung on the outside of a nice hotel? I mean, nobody's praised Spider-Man's capabilities like Turtleneck there, not even his wife or fellow heroes.

2. Is Turtleneck a henchman or something more? On Saturday he said he helped Big K take over the city's rackets -- could this be the former crime boss of San Francisco? His beatnik look would fit with the odd retro vibe of this strip.

3. Not a question, but I wish he's said "I helped you take over the city's rockets" instead, because Missile.