Thursday, March 07, 2013

Daily Spider-Man extra: Octo catches up

Had a lot going on this week and I've been meaning to comment on all of these. Very gratifying to see the chatter going on without me, but here's my, uh... twelve cents:

About the above, I'm so pleased that the Missile-shaped hole in my life is being so adequately filled by my new favorite character Kingpin. Just look at his head in both of those panels, a fat blob of menace atop a sloping ocean of blubber. He's so cartoonishly evil it's wonderful. I am really curious why he didn't get, like, three missiles, but for now he has my respect.

I'm also digging Vaguely Asian News Lady back there. Hope she sticks around.

I had another title in mind for this one, but it was too long. Something about how pissed I was that the best part of this story happened unseen between the two panels, that being when a pigeon flew into the apartment and pooped on MJ's eyes.

Okay SO much to talk about here. First there's that "Five minutes after the rocket attack." We had Kingpin for a day, then another installment of Apartment M-J, and the last time we saw our heroes it was just after that hand-on-the-shoulder thing. So what were they doing for the five whole minutes they weren't being watched? Because you know I'm thinking superhero roof sex. And you weren't? After seeing this?

Because they're being so obvious now! Look how macho they are here, hiding their turmoil by throwing punches and billy clubs at each other and having a little super powers dick-sizing contest.


I love Daredevil's snarky point about how Spidey might as well have texted him information about his forthcoming punch, because if that were how Daredevil actually got his info he'd get patonked in the head all the time while staring uselessly at his phone. Which makes DD look pretty clever, as a cover on the blind thing, but then check him out as he exits: Spidey makes the harmless point "You don't seem to need eyes," and DD's all "NEED EYES OH YES I DO BECAUSE I'M NOT BLIND NOTHING NOTHING DOO DO DOOOO!"

But my favorite part is the balloon at the end, because it lets us know that Kingpin has plans of his own, which means that what we just saw our heroes doing on the roof was their plan. Awesome.

Not much to note here except to look at the last panel in the Sunday strip above and compare Spider-Man's lunging, yearning stance to his posture today, standing with arms calmly folded. That's because he saw Daredevil swing away, realize he'd forgotten to tell Spidey something, and then watched him swing around a bunch of times so he could makes his way back and stand next to Spidey again for a do-over. It's also funny to note DD's different poses as he swings away Sunday and today.

I had another overlong alternate title in mind for this one, in which I declared that I would follow DD's example from now on and enrich my life with loud expository narration all the time. "Zack doesn't need to know that I got a CHOCOLATE COOKIE from STARBUCKS."

I couldn't tell what I liked better here. On one hand it seems that the boys just get home, have a quick sandwich and immediately suit back up because they literally have nothing else to do. But the interpretation I liked more was that it was a bit of fast-forward montage, perhaps set to the opening guitar strains of "Everybody's Talkin'" And look at the Kingpin! He doesn't just stand around in rooms, he owns them!


JPX said...

Excellent wrap-up, Octo, your voice has been missed! I keep giggling when I look at all of DD's poses, it's all a little gay.

"a fat blob of menace atop a sloping ocean of blubber." What a perfect and hilarious description!

Why didn't he use 3 missiles? They each cost a million bucks! Even Kingpin must be prudent with his financial well-being.

I love how the strip is a throwback to the 60s/70s stories before everything became uber-serious.

AC said...

yay for the twelve cents! hilarious.

loved dd's response to the "no eyes" comment. clearly, the best way to keep a secret is to act sketchy and run away the minute someone mentions anything to do with said secret.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Great post Octo! I love how you put it "...have a quick sandwich and immediately suit back up because they literally have nothing else to do." The Daily Spider-Man is always hilarious! (I started following Mary Worth again recently, also a rich goldmine).