Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chuck Norris Shaves Beard, No Longer Hero

From denofgeek, Aww, no more Chuck Norris' beard jokes!

Chuck Norris has done the United States a great disservice; he has shaved his epic beard.  The normally well-groomed and sizeable beard is no more.

Norris, 73, looks absolutely ridiculous without the beard, almost unrecognizable.  And, once he realizes how silly he looks without it, it'll surely be back.  In fact, I bet the beard is plotting its return already, waiting to reappear in the wild like a sloth; without notice and just as furry.

Now, Norris will have to find another line of work, since his beard was the main reason for his mainstream success in action films.  Here are some other lines of work the beardless  man might want to now consider:  painting, training horses, professional badminton, bingo moderator, or pet detective.

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Octopunk said...

Ha ha, great! Screw that guy. I'm sure he could kick my ass but I've always considered him a second-stringer at best.