Sunday, March 03, 2013

Daily Spider-Man: Super frat boys whip out powers for comparison, exchange blows


JPX said...

Sooooooo funny! It’s like they were comparing penis sizes. I know nothing about DD – why is his blindness a secret? Can’t superheroes be trusted with each other’s secrets/identities? Also, Peter seemed to know DD from the get go – wouldn’t he know about DD’s abilities? Once again DD makes things more complicated by leaving the conversation.

Today’s strip noted that it’s 5 minutes later. This essentially means that it’s still Valentine’s Day and Peter has been in San Francisco for about 15 minutes, right?

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I dunno, maybe there's a super hero code of respecting other hero's personal bidness. Spidey was on to him. "You don't seem to need eyes! How do you..."

The last 5 minutes from MJ's perspective is that she almost left the apartment to head to the theatre, but watched some TV and cried alone instead.