Monday, April 21, 2014

Coloring Book Corruptions

From toplessrobot, Oo, ooOO oo oo ooh! I wanna draw you up!
(Get it? Color Me Badd? Nobody? Good for you.)
Coloring Book Corruptions is a site dedicated to people messing with coloring book drawings and making them disturbing - from Satanism to Disney Doggy Style - with just a few additions. They, uh, also take submissions, which I feel some reservations about telling everyone here...for I know what horrors may be unleashed, but the folks at Coloring Corruptions, as yet, do not.
As a matter of fact, this could be a fun game for those of you who draw. See what you can come up with in comments...and as always, please stop short of genitalia.
h/t SlyDante777


DCD said...

I saw these the other day! Some are pretty funny...some definitely border on disturbing!

Octopunk said...

These are pretty good, but I feel like coloring books are an easy target. I was more impressed by these altered textbook illustrations that (I think) DCD posted about a while ago, and these thrift store paintings with monsters added that 50P posted.