Monday, April 28, 2014

Dakily Spider-Man! "So all that crap with you coming over to my house in the middle of the night, and your wife all worried about your health, and you could've just called Tony Stark and ended it. You really suck, you know that?... Yeah, I said 'my house.' Because I'm goddamn Peter Parker, that's why. I don't care anymore."

So I needed to figure out what "several hours ago" means.  I'm assuming that all these recent shenanigans with falling construction workers and falling girders and falling Spider-Man can't have taken "several hours" to transpire, so Robbie called before that started.  I'm also assuming that Jameson's stint as Iron Jonah was on a different day.  So Robbie called earlier this same day, well before the jeopardized construction workers showed up on TV.  What's the most recent event that can be said to have taken place in that time frame?  What could've changed Robbie's mind???



JPX said...

I love your analysis! Trying to figure out the passage of time in this comic strip is like trying to understand the bible - it doesn't make any sense!

I have always hated Aunt May, especially in the Rami movies.

Anonymous said...

It's ironic how Jameson asked why didn't Robbie called Iron Man before? I want to know about it too.

Robbie is saying he called Tony several hours ago.... HOURS? He should've called Tony when Jameson was trying to unmask Spider-Man with the Manbot.