Monday, September 10, 2012

Box office report: 'The Possession' leads the worst weekend in over a decade

From ew, Chances are, you weren’t at the movies this weekend. Not a single film at the box office reached $10 million. Call it the curse of The Oogieloves.

The Top 12 films grossed a depressingly low $51.9 million — the worst Top 12 total since Sept. 5-7, 2008, when Nicolas Cage flop Bangkok Dangerous led the chart with $7.7 million and the Top 12 films earned $50.3 million.

Even more distressingly, this weekend marked the lowest cumulative ticket sales in over a decade. The last frame to notch worse overall ticket sales was Sept. 21-23, 2001 — two weekends after the 9/11 attacks — when only one new wide release entered theaters: Mariah Carey’s infamous bomb Glitter. (Keep in mind, as final weekend results come in on Monday, things could change. Stay tuned.)

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Catfreeek said...

We went to see Possession, they took a film that really had some potential and turned it into a total crap fest.

JPX said...

You should have saved it for October!

Catfreeek said...

Well, I gotta warm up my horror chops pre game;)