Wednesday, September 12, 2012

'Sinister' looks like fun October fare


Catfreeek said...

Yes, this certainly looks better than the Possession.

Octopunk said...

We blogged this sucker last June! That's fine, of course, especially leading up to October, but I'm excited because I get to recycle my comment from then:

"Okay, the pop scare at the end lowered the tone a notch, but that did look interesting. I like that the guy says "we have to get out of the house NOW" but I wonder if the lateness of that announcement will reveal his stupidity.

It's clear that they don't get out then, but by revealing pieces of a climax in which they're all trapped in the house they tweaked my interest further.

I haven't seen a movie with Ethan Hawke since Gattaca. He dated a friend of mine in college, and although I never met him I wasn't impressed with her accounts of him as a person and so I've avoided his movies."