Friday, September 21, 2012

Horrorthon Countdown Challenge Day 10! Post Something!

Yo yo yo my horror homies! That's right, it IS September 21st, and that means it's only a week and a half until we gear up and scare our eyebones silly. I am Octopunk and I'll be your cheerleader today. Ready go!

I'm already pleased that a few non-thon reviews have gone up in the past weeks, but anyone posting just yesterday will notice that Blogger has finally forced their new post format upon us. Perhaps you've already been using it. I thought posting something would 1) help everyone shake out their 11-month off-season dust bunnies, and 2) get us used to the new format.

So far I've noticed only a couple notable differences. The first one is annoying, and it's the one thing that kept me from switching over months ago. It's no longer enough to simply skip a line between paragraphs in your post; the final product will get smooshed together into one big block of text. So you gotta stick in some of these:

(I'm using a screencap instead of typing it because if I type it and publish then it doesn't exist. Such is the way of html.)

EDIT: I should have pointed out that this isn't html code that has an opening line and then a closing one. One of these "break" commands will knock your text down to the start of the next line, then the second one gives you the space between paragraphs. In this post I only use one after each picture, then two to break up the text.

Another difference I noticed (and like), is that if you decide to upload another picture after you've already typed stuff, it gets stuck on the end of what you've already typed, not at the top.

So post something! Post a picture of your butt, or your shopping list, or whatever! Flex those blogging pecs! Horrorthon is a-comin'.

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DCD said...

Love these Countdown Posts, Octo!