Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The best James Bond, “hasn’t kept count” of how many women he’s shagged*

From celebitchy, Did anyone read the “50 Years of Bond” article in the October Vanity Fair (the one with Katie Holmes on the cover)? It’s an excellent piece about how Ian Fleming’s creation was finally able to make the leap to the screen. What was especially interesting to me was a story that I already partly knew – that Fleming didn’t want Sean Connery to play James Bond. I knew that already. What I didn’t know was that Fleming wanted Roger Moore to be the original Bond back in the early 1960s. Anyway, you can read the VF piece here – I would recommend it to all Bond enthusiasts.

One of the points that Bond producers made at the time (when they hired Connery) was that Moore was too pretty, and that he didn’t have what they felt was the requisite badassery, the “hardness” to play a cool British spy. Obviously, Roger Moore was charming and suave, but when he eventually took the reins of the Bond franchise after Sean Connery, James Bond just didn’t seem quite so badass. But that never stopped Roger Moore from apparently going to bed with whatever woman he wanted. In a new interview – which seems to originate at The Mail? – Roger Moore talks about how much tail he’s gotten over the years. Dude is 84 years old right now, so I’m guessing his horndog days are over.

Forget Bond, James Bond. According to Sir Roger Moore, when it comes to women, it’s a case of, well, ‘Moore … Roger More’. The 84-year-old actor claims he ‘mesmerised’ the ladies, bedding even more than the debonair spy himself.

Indeed, Sir Roger, who has been married four times, confessed he had lost count of the exact number of women he had slept with – but knows it’s more than 007.

‘I’ve always been a hit with the ladies,’ he said. ‘Over the years I’ve had my fair share of beautiful women. I couldn’t possibly say how many I’ve been out with because I’m a gentleman. But more importantly I just haven’t kept count. I’ve had more women than James Bond. It was always, “Moore…Roger More”.’

Sir Roger played Bond for 12 years, starring in seven films including The Man With The Golden Gun and The Spy Who Loved Me. In the 22 Bond films to date, the spy has had 51 lovers, of whom 16 met sticky ends – most notably Jill Masterton in Goldfinger, who suffocated after being covered in gold paint.

Sir Roger said many of his own conquests confused him with Bond or Simon Templar, his character in 1960s TV series The Saint.

He said: ‘I think a lot of the women who threw themselves at me thought they were with James Bond or Simon Templar rather than Roger Moore because I was the same on screen as off screen. I don’t really change. I’m just me. I used to just play myself and I think they were mesmerised by that. The voice and mannerisms are me but not much else.’

He added: ‘Being a famous film star does funny things to people. People are always very nice but they behave differently around you. I was too good looking to be a baddie. I had to be a hero because I looked like one. But I’m actually a coward and nothing like Bond.’

[From The Mail]

He sounds kind of douchey here. Which is weird, because he always seemed like he devoted his post-Bond life to many notable causes and philanthropic efforts (he’s worked for UNICEF for decades), and I thought he was a decent dude. Turns out he was just doing all of that charity work in between banging an international harem of lovers.

*Just kidding, the best Bond is Daniel Craig.

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