Friday, February 08, 2013

Daily Spider-Man: Upon reaching new sandbox, Spidey doesn't want to share


Octopunk said...

I'm so glad we made it to San Francisco! I'm equally glad that Peter is marking the occasion by being the worst person ever, although at least this time he's confining it to thought balloons.

And I love the San Francisco everyman in the second panel! Is he meant to be a hippie?

JPX said...

The San Francisco everyman is Peter with a beard! Seriously, even the clothing is the same. Now Peter must stumble upon Kingpin committing a crime. Also, now that Daredevil randomly appeared shouldn't Peter go home to M.J.? Oh, I forgot, he hates her.

Octopunk said...

Ha ha! It is Peter! His love/hate relationship with himself runs so deep he has to whip out a fake goatee and upstage his alter ego. That's sick.

I hope Daredevil's super senses immediately reveal to him that Peter's spent the last several hours hanging off of trucks.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

On Monday JPX wrote "Also, there are many superheroes in the Marvel universe so why does Peter feel the need to deal with Kingpin? I’m sure there are superheroes residing in San Francisco." And here we are. Daredevil is a more than capable hero who boasts several years of experience dealing specifically with Kingpin. Now Peter struts into town with a show-off attitude. He will no doubt try and steal DD's thunder.

I like that Daredevil resides in San Francisco. The gay community would obviously love him if he's frequently seen swinging around in poses like that one. His blindness also opens up a world of comic possibilities. I imagine him casually conversing with a naked guy with a pierced penis in the Castro.

Octopunk said...

I'm confused about that. Not pierced penises, but where Daredevil lives. The comics DD has always been an NYC boy, so maybe he's tracking Kingpin as well.

However, the fake Peter guy's line assumes DD is already there. It's not "Look! There's Daredevil! Weird!" but rather "Look! There he IS!" Like maybe he's part of a roving band looking for Daredevil (and apparently looking for him on the ground, as indicated by the "up in the AIR!" revelation.)

That last panel almost inspired me to title today's strip "SF gets a little gayer."

JPX said...

Daredevil's dialogue should be, "Helllllloooooo!"