Friday, February 01, 2013

Where is everyone???

Seriously, there has been a noticable drop-off in posts by our fellow Horrorthonners, which makes the blog a lot less fun - where the heck are you guys???


DCD said...

Oh, I'm sorry guys! Things have just been crazy-towns lately. I have been checking in and giggling over the Spider-man posts (and comments)but then I get distracted. I promise to try to be better!

(Can't speak for the rest of the slackers though!)

Octopunk said...

Oh cool, someone commented! I didn't want to start because I was amused that there weren't any. Plus I'm posting more than usual right now.

HandsomeStan said...

I am personally VERY excited by the return of the Spidey posts (as well as SPOILER AND JINX ALERT - I'm interviewing for Key 2nd AD spot on Amazing Spidey 2 on Monday - wish a brother luck!), and I have tried to make a conscious effort to be more contributive (sounds like it should be a word); I know my history here is uneven, but when I finally jump on, things I want to comment on are three or four or more posts down (the death knell for any potentially fresh comment).

I probably need to reset H-Thon as my start page - I got so busy that I couldn't afford the distraction, and then never had the time to check.

I still owe everyone a Knifepoint review, which I'm trying to get MrsStan to collaborate on. She's been very coy and busy, unfortunately.

And who knows how many of you will see this particular comment, but there is going to be a Stan Jr (yes, a boy), arriving in this astral plane at the end of May of this year. We've kept it relatively quiet on our social media (I don't want to sell my unborn son's soul to Facebook just yet), but Horrorthon knows what to do with souls. Pending MrsStan's approval, I'll announce it here first, formally (I may have just done so, but shhhhhhh for now :-)

Love and miss you all terribly.

AC said...

omg! omg! congratulations handsome stan and mrsstan! that is phenomenal news!

AC said...

i'm reluctant to share this at the same time as stan's wonderful news, but the reason we've been less bloggy is mr. ac's mom has been in the hospital since early January and now is in rehab (not the cool kind) so every iota of energy has been going in that direction.

and as if that weren't enough, our tv has been on the blink for 50 (fifty) days now. that deserves a blog post all its own, but for now let me just say: wtf! and if you'd like to boycott toshiba, that works too.

Octopunk said...

Holy crap Stan that totally ROCKS!

Holy crap Ann that totally SUCKS!

WOW, though, Stan and Mrs. Wow. Congrats. It's the best gig there is, and I liked that last Spider-Man flick too (see what I did there?).

DCD said...

So much to say - although Octo summed it up quite well.

HUGE congrats Stan and the missus!! Hope things are going smoothly and I feel especially honored that you gave us the pre-knowledge! Suck it Facebook!

AC and Mr. AC, we are sending lots of love and good thoughts to you and Mr. AC's Mom. xoxo

Oh yeah, and Suck it Toshiba!!

JPX said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Mr. AC's mother, I hope she's doing better.

Stan, congratulations to you and your wife, what teerific news. Also, I want a Spider-Man 2 prop.

Octopunk said...

Reading back I want to give more attention to the ACs. I'm so sorry, guys, that sounds absolutely grueling. Big hugs from us.

Crystal Math said...

After spending excessive amounts of free time with which to knit and pick my nose I landed a substitute teaching job that is both ideal and draining (I was already working evenings as a tutor).

I also spent the last two weekends celebrating my birthday and getting free drinks from anyone who offered.

The blog has definitely been an anchor of my sanity and source of amusement amidst all the busy.

50PageMcGee said...

and i've been splitting time between short film soundtracks and gigs. and like crystal, there was that whole birthday thing -- shit takes a lot out of you.

stan, really happy for you.
AC, sending good recovery vibes to Mr. AC's mom.

i haven't just been absent from the blog -- i haven't seen like *anything* moviewise in ages. no spidey, no hobbit, no lincoln or zero dark thirty. i didn't even catch the new universal soldier, and i was genuinely curious about that shniz.

i'm lost.

AC said...

thanks everyone, we appreciate all the support.

Catfreeek said...

Just seeing all this now, so many things happening in our little blog family. I too have been dealing with some parent care issues. My parents are now 81 and the tables seem to be turning making it out turn to care for them. To the AC's you have my deepest empathy I truly know how much it takes out of you.

Huge congrats to Stan & the Mrs, I myself cannot imagine starting the parenting cycle anew at this stage in the game but you have my heartfelt congrats as well as my sympathy. Kids are the greatest joy and the greatest test of your patience. That said, I wouldn't trade a single minute of it:)

I don't know that this will even be read at this point but I will try to be more present and btw where the hell is Johnny Sweatpants?

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Hey, I've been here all along Catfreeek! Catfreeek, taking care of your parents is a very noble and wonderful decision. I only hope they prevent you from watching so many movies in October, thus giving someone else a chance to win.

You're gonna be such an awesome parent Stan! "Handsome Power" is going to be one lucky kid. Good luck on the Spidey 2 gig. Ah'ma call you this week.

AC - I'm sorry to hear about your mom-in-law. But your TV has been on the blink for 50 days? That's just ridiculous. Take care of that shit already.

50P - it's been too long. I miss you man!

Catfreeek said...

You know I'm gonna make my patents watch horror with me, right?

Catfreeek said...

Parents! Dammit, I hate auto correct!