Sunday, February 24, 2013

Daily Spider-Man: Kingpin's enthusiasm makes the room uncomfortable


JPX said...

I'm guessing that its going to take another week to get through the next 5 seconds.

Octopunk said...

Since it's been a whole week and sooner or later my new favorite character is going to explode (sniff!), I'll take some time to point out the delightful foibles we're all thinking about.

1. Hello, spider-sense? I know it's convenient to the plot, but you've really been falling down on the job these last two weeks. Nobody who claims to have a special danger detector should need a blind guy point out an approaching missile.

2. Comics always allow far more time for characters' dialogue than ever makes sense, but the ponderous word-plodding this past week while The Missile is right over there really takes the cake. I mean it's what? 20-30 feet away? That's a distance a real missile could cover before you had time to say "?" or even "!" I can only deduce that, despite that attractive rocket wake, The Missle is really an explosive miniature blimp, propelled by a couple of hidden fans like the ones that are currently spinning inside your computers.