Saturday, February 02, 2013

Daily Spiderman: Exhausted from yesterday's Google reference, Peter reverts to 70s lingo


JPX said...

I thought superheroes were supposed to be discrete? In the course of the past two strips Peter crushes a gun with his bare hand and then uses his webbing to hitch a ride on a truck! It’s almost like he wants people to figure out that he’s Spider-Man. Also, I’m sure a cop would pull over this truck rather quickly. Why is Pete such a cheapskate? It’s like he’s determined not to spend any money to get home. What next, is he going to steal a hot air balloon?

Octopunk said...

To me it seems like he's just aiming way too low with these superpowers of his. He uses his super-strength to hurl some car keys about six feet away, now he's all excited about soaking up several hundred miles' worth of car exhaust and freeway noise while hanging on to the outside of a truck.

Yeah. Amazing.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I think Peter is just out looking for a little adventure. He's probably a bit hesitatnt to hitchhike after his last encounter. Sure he could take a bus but bus rides are boring as hell.