Sunday, February 10, 2013

Daily Spider-Man: Tiny man in sunglasses distressed by words of stout, bald fellow


JPX said...

"Horn-headed buddy"? Peter is just soooooooo jealous that Daredevil is getting some attention. WHat Peter should say is, "Well Daredevil can handle things here, I can go home to M.J." Oh yeah, he hates her.

Octopunk said...

The only problem is that in one minute the ol' spider-sense is going to kick in and save DD's horn-headed butt, thus justifying all the crap Peter's been putting us through these past two weeks and however long his marriage is supposed to have plodded on so far. And why the hell is Kingpin checking some public clock when he's probably got an expensive diamond watch?

I think my favorite panel is the second one, thanks to both SF's ugliest rat-faced man delivering the line and the extra in the middle who's looking at the camera.

JPX said...

Look at the panel of Spider-Man shooting his web - that's like the top of a 10 story building - has it been established that he can shoot 100 feet of web?