Thursday, February 21, 2013

Universal Movie Monster Presidents

JPX sent these to me recently and I saved them for when he was on his trip to go get drunk with some monkeys.

Fronm Geekology: This is a line of action figures featuring seven different presidents as the monsters from Universal's iconic horror films (plus a zombie George Bush for good measure). Each figure is guaranteed to fail to capture the imagination of today's youth and cost between $25-$30. Except Baracula. Baracula is only available by ordering the entire 7-president set for $175. Why? Your guess is as good as mine. Unless your guess is some sort of insane Illuminati-related conspiracy theory, in which case you guess was way, WAY better.

[Octo again:] My favorite of the group was The Romney, because it's so freaking funny to just use someone's actual name with a "The" in front of it as a monster name. But of course tonight I noticed that it's "The RoNMy" and it's Reagan and not Mitt Romney at all. But it's still funny because it reminds me how Romney was never close to being president, ha ha.

I only wish they's stick a Cheney in there. He could be Dr. Moreau or maybe that thing from Slither. Okay back to folks at Geekology:

Click here to see the rest in their packaging as well as a shot of them all together at a party. No -- a MONSTER BASH.


DCD said...

I think they could have worked a little harder on the Clinton one.
And what's this now about JPX greeting drunk with monkeys?

Catfreeek said...

I love the baracula figure.