Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Daily Spider-Bomb! Okay, here's the situation: Octo went away on two week's vacation...

After having that old man's butt right next to his face for a whole week, I bet Ox is relieved.

I wanna try punching people in the face with metal and immediately apologizing, it looks fun!

And now this guy is being toted around by someone else!  Is he like a big rich baby or something?

Doc Ock can come up with alliterative put-downs on the spot.  That's why he's a genius.

Simmer down, you two.  The comics page isn't ready the for man-on-man-on-robot-tentacle action I see broadcast in those smiles.

The incompetence here is just cracking me up!  Spidey seems utterly baffled in panel 3 by a dead end alley that has two extremely visible means of exit; he redeems himself slightly in the next panel by at least trying a door (just the one?), but we know from experience he could easily rip it off its hinges.

And then panel 5!  His Spider-Sense (which apparently has some kind of tracking ability now) fails to warn him of his quarry mocking him just twenty feet behind, while his Ear-Sense fails to hear a big metal door being unlatched and opened.  D-minus!


Johnny Sweatpants said...

My favorite panel is the one where Doc Ock punches Webster in his dumb face. And he totally got away with it too!

JPX said...

You said it, Octo! What good is it to have a Spidey sense if you are unable to detect a bad guy 20 feet behind you opening a huge metal door?

I still like how the old man is carried around like a sack of potatoes.