Monday, August 11, 2014

Robin Williams commits suicide

(CNN) -- Comedic actor Robin Williams died at his Northern California home Monday, law enforcement officials said. Williams was 63.

Coroner investigators suspect "the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia," according to a statement from the Marin County, California, Sheriff's office.

"Robin Williams passed away this morning," his media representative Mara Buxbaum told CNN.

"He has been battling severe depression of late. This is a tragic and sudden loss. The family respectfully asks for their privacy as they grieve during this very difficult time."

Williams married graphic designer Susan Schneider in Napa Valley, California, ceremony in October 2011. Schneider sent a written statement to CNN through the representative.

"This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken.

"On behalf of Robin's family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin's death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions."

Marin County deputies responded to an emergency call from Williams' home in unincorporated Tiburon, California, at 11:55 a.m., reporting "a male adult had been located unconscious and not breathing," the release from the sheriff said.

Williams was pronounced dead at 12:02 p.m., it said.

Williams was last seen alive at his home, where he lives with his wife, at about 10 a.m., the sheriff's statement said.

"An investigation into the cause, manner and circumstances of the death is currently underway by the Investigations and Coroner Divisions of the Sheriff's Office," the sheriff's statement said.

"Coroner Division suspects the death to be a suicide due to asphyxia, but a comprehensive investigation must be completed before a final determination is made."

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday, the sheriff said.

Williams made at least two trips to rehab for drug treatment, including a visit this summer, and he underwent heart surgery in 2009.

Williams, born in Chicago on July 21, 1951, studied theater at Juilliard School before taking his stand up act to nightclubs. He was cast as Mork, an alien visitor to Earth, for a 1974 episode of television's "Happy Days."

The role led to the spin-off show "Mork & Mindy," which showcased Williams' usual comic improvisation talents.

He proved his dramatic acting skills in "Good Will Hunting," a 1997 film that earned him a best supporting actor Oscar.


AC said...

So very sad.

DCD said...

I'm really sad about this one. Ugh, the things our brains do to us.

Octopunk said...

Well, that sucks. I gotta think being at the top of your game and still feeling awful must be extremely lonely.

I saw him once in Kid Robot in SF. He was with his daughter and a friend of hers, I think. He noticed me notice him and I sensed a "that guy recognizes me... is he going to talk to me?" look so of course I left him alone.

My aunt taught some or one of his kids. She said he was so happy when she asked him to chaperone the zoo trip because nobody ever asked him to do that stuff. When they went, the kid/protector role was reversed because the kids formed around him to create a barrier against the hoi polloi.

JPX said...

Man, he would be the ultimate chaperone for a school trip. I am really sad about this one. The only other comedian I can recall being really sad about dying was John Candy.

Catfreeek said...

Crazy sad news. What a shame.

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Don't forget Phil Hartman JPX. I'm still reeling from that one.

This is so sad. He seemed like such a sweet man. It's hard to accept.