Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Good Will Hunting bench scene

[JPX]  In 1997 I was walking through Boston Common on the nicest spring day I can ever recall , then and now.  There was some commotion near the pond and when I went over to get a closer look I noticed that a movie was being filmed.  As it turns out it was Good Will Hunting.  I watched them film this bench scene over and over again.  Finally someone yelled, "It's a wrap!"  Apparently this was the last scene filmed for the movie.  Ignoring signs to stay away I (obnoxiously) walked over to Robin Williams to shake his hand:

He was really gracious/kind.  You can see Matt Damon in the background (but who the hell heard of him in 1997?).


Anonymous said...

The good people die young. RIP R.W.!

Octopunk said...

Is that you in that picture, JPX? I thought it was Tim Burton.

DCD said...

Good one, Octo.
I keep reading/watching all these things today and keep getting choked up. I'm really sad about this!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Yeah that really doesn't look like you JPX. Are you sure you didn't just make it up to make yourself look like a big shot?