Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Daily Spider-Bomb! A week of Peter stomping around his apartment!

I hope that's not a digital camera, Pete, lest you corrupt the memory card with your intense rays of smugness.

I think I might have to make a Halloween mask that looks like Peter right now, with the half-mask and stupid lightning bolts all around my head.

Peter's Spider-Sense is honed to detect fluctuations in his media popularity.  He must've been bitten by one of those celebrity spiders.

I am so jealous of Peter's hand right now, getting to SLAPT him on the forehead.  MJ looks on with concern, because last time he slapped his head for two hours straight.

Lots of big thinking going on at the Parker pad today.  Just look at the gestures.  Touch your face!  Now point!

I'm having a moment of sympathy for MJ right now, watching her feign interest in all this.  I guess that's why she's a successful actress.

It's an especially obnoxious Sunday recap when the week was spent pacing the room and chattering, but at least we can now muse about the upside-down sex that goes on in that house.

Labor Day bonus strip!  Four days in a row with a "Mary Jane's head in the corner" panel!  But they send her off with this sexy couch pose.  Man, she's always on that couch!


JPX said...

Wonderful summary, Octo! Thank you for all the work you put into it even if you're not getting the feedback it deserves. What a BORING week! You made the most of it though. I must admit that I did laugh when it was revealed that Peter was walking on the ceiling.

Given that Spider-Man is always accused of wrongdoing, I think he should become a villain - of course he's too much of a dimwit to pull it off. I love how clearly jealous Peter is of all the attention that Doc Ock is receiving! I also love how you point out that MJ is pretending to be interested in Peter's story!

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I finally caught up on this. Yes, thanks for posting Octo! I would love to see the Spidey sense costume idea seen to fruition!