Friday, September 26, 2014

Posting Something!

I recently came across the following articles regarding "The best horror movies you've never seen" (from

Hopefully I'm not tipping my hand - as there are a couple I actually DID NOT find on our Monster List! - but I'm a giver like that.  Obviously there are a lot of them that our collective group has seen and the opinion of "best" is purely subjective.  I thought it would generate some interesting discussion though!  Horrorthon!
Here are the links - there are 3 separate articles:

Volume One
Volume Two


JPX said...

Oh excellent find, I'm going to comb through it!

Octopunk said...

Ha ha awesome! I just clicked here for the first time in a bit and thought "I hope my Post Something post isn't still on top" and it wasn't! Yay! But for a split second I thought it was because of the title.

GREAT contribution, too. Like I'm embarrassed I'm not saying "oh you scooped me I was going to do this for the countdown" right now. I might do it anyway.


AC said...

Wow cool! this reminds me I haven't seen hard candy yet, and want to.

I'm guessing catfreeek has seen many of these, am I right?