Thursday, November 02, 2006

Cry Wolf

(2005) **1/2

Eight privileged brats attending an exclusive prep school see a ripe opportunity for mayhem after a classmate is found brutally murdered. Rather than sympathy, the antisocial snobs concoct a fear campaign by sending a mass email to everyone in the school, which is a fictional account about a serial killer with a penchant for students.
Apparently the goal of this email is to see how many people the elitists can frighten before their hoax is discovered. The fun ends quickly when dead students start to turn up, murdered in the same manner detailed in the email!

I watched Cry Wolf a few weeks ago and I’m hard pressed to remember much about it except that I couldn’t stand the characters, which is the death knell for me. I do recall that there were some okay twists and turns and I must admit that I didn’t see the ending coming, so it had that going for it. Overall this was a bland slasher rolled up in a barely-interesting whodunit storyline. Like I said, the characters will make you want to punch your TV. Here’s the gang,



Summerisle said...

I blew up the picture of "the gang" to get a better feel. I can tell that they're all terrible but I'm not quite sure which one I hate the most.

Octopunk said...

Easy. Spiky hair, third from the left.

Summerisle said...

When you're right, you're right.