Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Daily Spider Bomb! Week 10 - MANBOT has no time for your vanity!

"My brave quips are hollow and lack credibility.  Perhaps they are... my REAL mask?" 

"I am hopelessly outmatched on even the most conceptual levels.  The physics of true flight vs. that of a series of pendulums -- BAH!"

"My foe implacable, his master murderous.  Truly I am as doomed as that hapless chunk of building."

Yes, he'll pay lots for a photo of something he is renting.  Especially the photo you just got of its armpit.

Villain gains upper hand for dumbest reason ever!

"My life is really exciting!  Because I totally suck at this!"

"Sorry I waited for you to scold me before I showed you the robot-cam and my scary blue lighting, Kaitlin.  I'm sure we didn't miss Spider-Man doing something that would clue me in to his identity before I ever saw his face."


JPX said...

I've said it before but this is the best week yet for this story!

(1) Spider-Man is really dumb.

(2) Apparently J.J.J. is happy to give Kaitlin's show amazing ratings rather than hog the glory for his paper.

(3) Live video of Spider-Man's unmasking would be much more valuable than a few photos Peter manages to get.

(4) Apparently if you give Tony Stark enough money he will send a heart-seeking missile at the target of your choice?

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I clap giddily every time they use the term "Manbot", which is nearly every day. Manbot is the greatest thing since Kingpin's missile!