Sunday, February 02, 2014

Quasi-Daily Spider-Bomb! Spidey vs. Original Rush Limbaugh week 3!

Why is this coming up now?  How do we know if it's the real Spider-Man any of the times we see him?  It could be a different guy every time!

And why would you care if he was the real one or not, J.J.J.?   You totally hate the real one!

I also would have accepted him ripping off Jameson's arms as proof, but this'll do.

Wow, isn't that the same stuff that will make a gun lethally backfire?  I think Jameson should've pulled half his face off just now.

If Spidey was smart, he'd have a J. Jonah Jameson mask on under his.

And Jameson's beams of smugness short out every camera in the studio.

Mary Jane is copping quite an action-y pose considering she's watching TV and drinking coffee.


JPX said...

Love it, Octo, great, pithy comments!

J.J. Jamison enrages me. I think Spider-Man should say, "You know what, I quit, you ungrateful fuck. Try to sell your crappy newspaper now."

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Why does J Jonah Jameson get to just demand 3 reasons? Spidey should just say "because shut up that's why" and web his predictable mouth shut again.

DCD said...

Hilarious, Octo! I seriously hate JJJ. And what a ridiculous name!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post, Octo!

This Spider-bomb post greatly satisfied me. I think this story just got better. I like how MJ is faceplaming at Jameson's blabbering about Spider-Man being fake in the first panel of the first strips. Heh, Spidey should totally force Jameson to crawl back to nice safe editorial page.

Oy! Spidey mentioned the Hulk again! Well, at least he dosen't have to break a steel door this time. Lol Jameson is like "what the heck" in the third panel of the second strip.

Spidey webbing Jameson's mouth shut ? Priceless! Jameson should learn how to keep quiet.

Uh-oh! How will Spidey explain this one? Grrr, that Jameson ... is annoying!

Btw Octo, your comments are hilarious. Especially the one with Peter wearing Jameson's mask under his Spidey mask(it'd be hilarious if peter really has an jameson mask under his spidey mask). .