Monday, February 10, 2014

Daily Spider Bomb! Week 6: Dramatic staff changes at the Daily Bugle!

Mary Jane leaves a note!  THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN

Because it wouldn't be Daily Spider-Man without a better superhero showing up.

"Not sure why I brought my raincoat to your office, but it sure is helping my dramatic exit!"

You got dumped is what happened, Jennifer.

So do you think Peter does this all day?  I mean going around and self-narrating about how his super-powered acumen enables him to cross a room without colliding with someone.  Because I'm certain he does.

"Oh, and by the way, Peter, I've never liked you.  Nobody does.  Later."

Why would any newspaper pay a photographer who can only take pictures of one thing?


Anonymous said...

Oh man, Jameson is total Nuts! He and his hate for Spider-Man is getting nowhere. Now he's thinking of getting the Iron Man to unmask Spidey, LOL i'm sure Tony will turn down his offer.

I like how Rob just said "I QUIT" to Jameson's face. Lol, Jameson's facial expression in the third panel of the 4th strip says it all.

DCD said...

Do you think they purposely try to make JJ look like Hitler? Because that's what I'm seeing...

JPX said...

I love the way J.J.J smokes a cigar - he looks like he's sucking the life out of it.

'Octo, I love your last comment, excellent point! Does Peter ever cover anything else?

Johnny Sweatpants said...

I love how they can never come up with anything even slightly interesting for MJ to do. "Oh, I forgot, MJ had something to take care of at the theater." Could it be any more vague?