Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Daily Spider Bomb! Week 14: Most boring threesome ever!

"Because, Hap, if any of my employees can't call me, they can send me an email that I'll be sure to see before they can complete hours of difficult technical work.  Barring that, they could consult Pepper or any of the many, many Stark employees that work at my multi-billion dollar corporation.  It's not like it's just you, me and a guy in a van."

The newspaper strip format affords such little space or time for any kind of rich visual or narrative texture, and so I find myself transfixed by the Parkers' decor in panel two.  The gold pitcher/bowl combo on the table, the tall, thin painting of squiggly lines -- were they gifts?  Are they mementos from a special shop they found together?  Did they find them in the trash?  I mean, who are these people?

"I called Tony Stark and he's gonna lend us another robot, see..."

"Wait, maybe I could be his psychiatrist!  Do psychiatrists take pictures of Spider-Man?  I'm really good at taking pictures of Spider-Man."

"That's too bad, lady.  By the way it's J. Jonah Jameson.  Three Js.  Jonah is actually his middle name, so it's J. Jonah Jameson like I said.  It stands for John."

And not the insufferable sociopath he loves!

Jameson holds Manbot more tenderly than he's held his wife in twenty years.  Manbot's eye slits stare back, dark and empty.


JPX said...

Octo, you're on fire with these strips today - excellent/insightful commentary!

I'm pleased to see for the first time someone suggests that J.J.J. see a psychiatrist. His hatred for Spider-Man is delusional/paranoid. A prescription for Abilify would do wonders for him.

I love how Peter and M.J. are just settling down after hours of sex and suddenly Robbie shows up. Worse, Robbie's wife calls. Peter needs to set up some house rules like, "Um, if it's midnight can you please wait until morning to bother us?"

Anonymous said...

Worrying about Jameson is affecting Robert's health?? but how? Is he sick or something? Peter face looks weird in the fourth panel of the sunday strip.

On a side note, Nice commentry, Octo. I especially liked your comment about Jameson. Jameson really needs a phychiatrist at this point. Btw, isn't it supposed to be "Daily Spider-Bomb! Week 14" instead of "Daily Spider-Bomb! Week 13" ?

Octopunk said...

Neptune's beard, you're right! I fixed it. Thanks, Anonymous! Today you are Anonymous Do-Gooder.