Thursday, February 27, 2014

Daily Spider-Bomb! Week 16: J. Jonah flies around all week!

Well, thanks to some bad perspective in that last panel it looks like you've unleashed a tiny flying man toy.

I want the 787 guy to be all like "Really, lady?  A frickin' pigeon?  Do you know what pigeons look like?"

"Since I'm not being evil enough just now, let me sideswipe this bald eagle I spotted flying over New York City."

See?  A real super-powered individual would know that sign's an invite to knock down the whole damn building, not just dislodge a few measly bricks.

I love the look on the face of the guy in the window.  It's that familiar first moment of unguarded bewilderment before you realize that robot you just saw flying through your house beheaded your grandmother as she sat in her favorite spot in the corner.

I don't know MJ, a whole penny?  See if you can talk him down.

"Spike Baby?"  Now that's an interesting name.

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JPX said...

At the risk of being redundant, I have been reading this strip for decades and this just might be the most ridiculous premise yet!

The bad perspective continues in the 4th strip. When he side-swipes the building he looks like a giant.

My understanding of the Iron Man armor (and admittedly it's a limited understanding) is that you would not be able to just put it on and instantly know how to use it - isn't it more complicated than that?

It goes without saying that everything J.J.J. is doing would be soooooooo illegal! Once you get past the vigilantism you still have him flying around like an out of control missile, endangering anyone below him. When he side-swiped that building, did the bricks land on anyone's head?

He wants to "squash" Spider-Man? You can't just go and squash someone unless you want to spend your life on death row.

The story will end with Tony Stark chasing him and forcing him to break the sound barrier. Either that or Robbie will talk him down.

I wonder if they will address the fact that J.J.J. is now full-on insane?

Is that mustache painted on the armor or is it just there for the reader's benefit so we know that it's not Tony Stark in that armor?

I have spent far too much time thinking about this!