Friday, February 28, 2014

Daily Spider-Bomb! Week 17: And lo the spectre of Horrorthon 2013 finally recedes, for I have caught up.

Spike:  But Manny, this thing goes 35 miles and hour and is impossible to hide.  How does this getaway car... you know, get away?

Manny and Spike, Jo and Jack -- did we stumble into the Spider-Man musical somehow?

I think there's nothing dorkier than "Good thing I turned on the local news!" but then I'm proved wrong two panels later when I realize there's nothing dorkier than that walk and then he proves me wrong again with "boy photog."

"Now that I think of it, the destruction of our police car was totally avoidable!"

Hey, J. Jonah J.!  You can't stand around in the air doing nothing!  Didn't you see the last episode of Seinfeld?

And we're caught up!  Tomorrow Daily Spider-Man resumes!  Cheers!


JPX said...

Damnit, Octo, that was such a tease to end things there! I don't like being caught up, I don't like it at all!

I vote that you only post once/weekly. It is much more satisfying to read seven strips at a time than go through one per day.

Is that mustache painted on???

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Whoah! I still have to catch up on the previous week.

I agree with JPX about the once/weekly.

Anonymous said...

We finally caught up! Well, I guess you'll update the Daily Spider-Man series every Sunday.

DCD said...

I also like the weekly bombs. I can't believe they are putting JJJ's eyebrow's and mustache on the outside of the helmet! I know JPX pointed it out in his last rant, but it is just SO ridiculous!