Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bloody April Fools (Los Inocentes)

(2013) ***

Nine friends cram into a van for a weekend getaway of booze, drugs and sex. On route to their destination they get lost and rather than letting their trip go to waste they decide to spend the night at an abandoned hostel. Eschewing warnings from the locals that the hostel is cursed, the horny teens prepare for a night of debauchery by stocking up on liquor. As one friend tells another, “The more you get her to drink the more her buttons will open up on her shirt”. Amen, brother. The teens have a blast partying until they start dying from a vicious prankster.

Bloody April Fools delivers the goods! At a brisk 65 minutes the mayhem sets in quickly. Clearly an homage to 80s slashers (Friday the 13th in particular) the film is fairly cookie-cutter yet the deaths are brutal and gratifying (I hated nearly every character) and for those who like boobs there are plenty of them on display here. A fun little horror exercise when you don’t have a lot of time.


Catfreeek said...

This sounds like a fast and fun one to watch. Why only 3 stars?

JPX said...

I struggled to rate this and I could bump it up one-half star for the gore. I guess I only gave it 3 stars because there is nothing original in the story. It really does ape Friday the 13th.

Catfreeek said...

Well that makes sense, I struggle as well on rating films that mimic that closely.

Octopunk said...

My god the number of movies you and Cat watched that fit the template is staggering: kids get in vehicle, plan fun, plan changes, warning ignored, duh duh DUHN! Amazing. I feel like we're performing a public service sometimes, except not much of the public knows about it.