Thursday, November 05, 2015

The Green Inferno


A group of activists set out to stop the deforestation of a rain forest in Peru. Their plane goes down in a remote area and a local tribe mistaking them for employees of the company destroying their home imprisons them and has a feast. If you would like a more detailed synopsis please refer to JSP's review. I cannot help but to make comparison to Cannibal Holocaust since the subject matter is similar. I can say that I hated the characters far less in The Green Inferno (with the exception of Alejandro) as the majority of them were wholeheartedly trying to do good and just ended up receiving the shit end of the stick due to circumstance and this is where it vastly differs from it's predecessor. The documentarians in Cannibal Holocaust were straight up assholes, disrespectful, destructive assholes and they got what they deserved. In this aspect there was a level of justice to the outcome although the film was far more disturbing to me than this one and I can mostly account that to the fate of that poor turtle. Still there are many cringe-worthy scenes and some real unexpected shockers in The Green Inferno's bag of tricks. I find it amusing that JSP's friend posted a negative comment in hopes of deterring potential viewers but in actuality roped in at least two of us to do just the opposite. Won't people ever learn? If you want something to go away just ignore it, the more buzz you create either positive or negative will guarantee it will be sticking around for awhile.


Johnny Sweatpants said...

Nice review Catfreeek! This was my favorite horror movie of the year. Eli Roth really understands how to put together an effective horror flick. It was definitely inspired by Cannibal Holocaust (the title was taken from it)but I agree that it was nowhere near as bleak and disturbing.

JPX said...

I've been dying to catch this one and your review only made me want to see it more!

AC said...

Sounds really great but sadly not my jam.

Octopunk said...

Those mofos in Cannibal Holocaust were downright murderers, they totally deserved what they got. And that turtle!

I will give any Eli Roth movie a gander after Hostel. That movie haunts.