Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Houses October Built


A group of spooky house junkies decide to rent an RV and tour the country looking for the scariest haunted house attractions. They are trucking along just fine until they piss off one group by filming inside the attraction. The actors demand the film be erased immediately but of course our guys tell them to fuck off and drive away. They continue their trip but soon after realize they are being followed by these crazy people but they still refuse to hand over the goods. Things escalate and bad stuff happens.

There are several reasons to not give this film a decent rating, first and foremost is the fact that the cameraman is a dick for not respecting the requests of his subjects. Seriously, haunted house attractions are all about the mystery of not knowing what is around the next corner. If they gave him the thumbs up to film that's one thing but going in with the intention of showing others what to expect is just being an asshole so from that point on I was rooting for the creepy clown and his posse. Secondly, once they realized these people were crazy enough to actually close down their house just to chase them down for a film they should have realized things were going to get ugly and just handed the damn thing over. Of course they don't which made me have zero sympathy for any of them, you reap what you sow. The extra 1/2 star is for the creepy porcelain doll faced girl, if that thing was following me I would have given them the whole camera. In conclusion, though this review may make it sound like the film was fast paced it was in fact slow and redundant. Going to spooky houses is fun, watching other people go through them on film not so much.


JPX said...

You're review is spot on! I had the exact same thoughts after finishing this stinker.

Trevor said...

The scene with that porcelain girl screaming was one of my creepiest moments of last year's horrorthon. That scene alone was worth a star, but yeah, the remainder of the film is nothing but found footage annoyance.

AC said...

Ugh, another missable one. The "protagonists" sound super irritating.

Octopunk said...

I had to go read Trevor's review and Cat says "Sounds dreadful" in the comments. Sometimes you just gotta look.

Death to asshole protagonists!