Saturday, November 14, 2015

Catfreeek's Best Of 2015

 As 2015 Horrorthon came to a close I thought about how far I'd come in the progression of things. I have honed myself down from a virtual horror watching machine to a much more selective and satisfied connoisseur of scary stuff. The best of tradition has been falling off the blog the last couple of years and I am hoping to revive it, so here is my list.

Favorite/Scariest film hands down goes to We Are Still Here.

 Best movie monster goes to Grabbers mostly because it was a cool monster but also because I didn't watch many monster movies this year.

Scream Queen has got to be Traci Lords in Crazy Eights.

 Scream Stud goes to Tom Hiddleston in Crimson Peak, he was so charming.

 Hidden Gem goes to The House at the End of Time.

 Most Disturbing is tied for me by two sets of twins, Niles & Holland in The Other and Lukas & Elias in Goodnight, Mommie.

 Worst by and far was Crazy Bitches.

Best So Bad It's Good goes to Evil Brain from Outer Space

 Goriest just had to be The Green Inferno

 Most Memorable Death goes to Exhibit A which reminds us that it takes a lot longer to actually kill a person then is usually projected in film.

Most Avoidable Death goes to The Houses October Built, just delete the fucking tape and we will go away, duh!

That concludes my 2015 Horrorthon experience, Happy Hauntings everyone!


Octopunk said...

Awesome! Nice roundup, Cat, and excellent work this year! You found a number of things I need to check out.

JPX said...

Forty-eight reviews from you, good job! You unearthed a number of good films this year and I copied you, so thanks! JSP has been super-lazy about writing reviews but I am assuming that you won...

Catfreeek said...

Correction JPX, 52 reviews from me the last 4 films haven't made my list yet. I was going for one of Octo's sweet trophies this year!

DKC said...

Great job, Cat! You definitely came up with some good ones this year. I think quality over quantity worked well for you! Although sounds like you'll win on quantity too...

JPX said...

Are those cats humping in the background?

Catfreeek said...

I believe so.