Thursday, October 08, 2015


(2015) ***1/2

Desperately needing money, nice guy Aaron responds to a Craigslist ad requesting a videographer for a one-day job. The job requires him to drive to a remote section of rural California to film a man named ‘Josef’. Upon arrival things are strange almost immediately. Josef is nowhere to be found and there is a large axe in the middle of the yard. Eventually Josef reveals himself by jumping out of the forest and screaming because he thinks it is funny to scare people (asshole). This will not be the last time Josef pulls such shenanigans. Eventually Josef explains that he is dying from cancer and he wishes to film a message to his unborn son like Michael Keaton did in ‘My Life’ (1993). Needing the $1000 Josef is offering, Aaron reluctantly accepts the gig despite red flags that Josef is a bit off. As the day progresses Aaron captures Josef on film acting increasingly odd.

Much better than I would have predicted, ‘Creep’ is a solid, riveting story that unfolds in unpredictable ways. Even those tired of the first person narrative will be hard-pressed not to get sucked into Josef’s creepy world as he tells increasingly bizarre stories while exhibiting increasingly bizarre behavior. The two leads have a terrific chemistry together and the remote cabin setting heightens the tension as Josef starts to lose his marbles. The moral of the story? The internet is not a good place to meet up with strangers in isolated locations.


Trevor said...

The whole, leaving a video for your child thing is a very sad beginning, and I'm curious to see how it goes off the rails, but something about this also seems dull. If it's free on netflix or amazon, maybe I'll take a look.

AC said...

Having protagonists move forward despite red flags is so painful to watch...

Octopunk said...

Which guy is that in the second picture?

Although I'd probably never take that job, I have taken a few odd jobs in my life. I feel Aaron's rationale that it will only be one day of this unpleasantness, and then money! So I've concluded that I'd ask for 500 up front so I could leave when things got too weird.

Wow, JPX, that's two artist/assistant tales in a row, although the good/bad roles are reversed. Weird.

Too weird! I'm outta here! Keep the rest of your money!


Catfreeek said...

Tony & I watched this off season, I myself would give it 4 stars. seriously he hung in way past what even a desperate person would do. It was a really fun film.