Friday, October 23, 2015

Vanishing On 7th Street


Several people wake up and discover that everyone else in the town has disappeared. There seems to be something lurking in the shadows and only remaining in the light will keep them safe. They hold up in a local pub which has a generator but they must figure out a way to escape as the days seems to be growing shorter and the fuel for the generator runs low.

A very interesting plot concept delivered fairly well I just wasn't exactly sure where it was all going. The ending is left for you to draw your own conclusions, not that there isn't resolve it's just a rather open resolve. Not bad but I'd call this one forgettable in the vast sea of horror films that we are wading through.


JPX said...

"The ending is left for you to draw your own conclusions". I don't want to draw my own conclusions, damnit, I want a beginning, middle and end! Seriously though this sounds like a good Twilight Zone episode.

Catfreeek said...

Probably would have worked better as an hour long episode instead of a full length movie.

Octopunk said...

Open endings almost always piss me off. If the filmmaker doesn't stick the dismount about why it's good to have an open ending, it's a total hack move. Nein danke.

AC said...

Too bad, I like the premise but won't bother.