Thursday, October 29, 2015

Last Shift


Officer Jessica Loren is a rookie cop who is left with the simple task of manning the old police station on the last night before the move to the new station is fully in effect. Nearly everything has been moved already and the station is inoperable she just has to wait for the construction crew to arrive. She begins hearing noises and finds a homeless guy in the station, she kicks him out after he pees on the floor. She receives a phone call from a desperate girl stating that she has been kidnapped and they are going to kill her but the call is ended before she can get any real details. As the night goes on things get weirder, she begins seeing things as well as hearing them and it all seems to be connected to a Manson Family type case that her father had worked on many years ago. She finds herself trapped inside with a nightmare of crazy characters.

Wow what a surprise find this was! Truly creepy and intense. The strangeness starts from the very first scene and just keeps building throughout the film. I'd call it biddy friendly because there is very little actual gore but it does pack a good punch in the creep factor. The only bummer was that I figured out the ending but I can't fault the film in that, I fault myself for having watched thousands of horror flicks resulting in me finding very little that actually surprises me anymore.


JPX said...

THis one sounds terrific, nice discovery!

AC said...

Catfreeek, is it my imagination or have you watched a higher percentage than usual of good movies this year?

Catfreeek said...

I think I have AC, trying to be more selective.

Octopunk said...

Well, kudos to that! You're finding a lot of hidden winners.