Thursday, October 08, 2015



I thought this was going to be just another film about a group of paranormal investigators who poke something nasty with a stick and as a result wind up being picked off one at a time. Well, it kinda is that but it's also kinda not. Let me explain.

 Look what we found under the rug!

 Let's piss it off!

John tells his girlfriend and their paranormal investigator friends about a legendary house where a mass murder occurred. The house is supposedly riddled with ghosts so they decide to make a trip out there and set up camp for the night. This is about where we switch gears to some detectives who have a pile of bodies as well as a disheveled but very much alive John in custody at the scene while they are searching the house for Michelle, John's girlfriend who is missing. There is just the right mix of found footage from the cameras the team set up and regular movie filming as we watch the police in action. The film is not filled with overblown pop up scares or cheap digital fx and the story is engaging. The police aren't buying into the whole paranormal thing either they are looking at it as cops would, we have a murderer on the loose and a missing person. I wasn't expecting much going into this and again I left pleasantly surprised. 


JPX said...

This sounds good and your captions are hilarious!

AC said...

Another good find I don't remember hearing about, sounds fun!

Octopunk said...

Best caption combo yet! That really made me laugh. And you're killing it with the diamonds in the rough this year, Cat.

"Let's piss it off!" I'm still laughing.