Wednesday, October 21, 2015


(2013) ***1/2

On a small island off the Irish coast an alien invasion is taking place. After a local fisherman accidentally hauls up a creature in one of his lobster traps he brings it home and puts it in his bathtub. In an attempt to suck blood from the fisherman’s head, the creature immediately shoots its tongue across the room (think of a frog grabbing a fly) landing squarely on the fisherman’s forehead. The fisherman survives, laughs it off, and labels the creature a “Grabber.” After examining this sea oddity the town scientist determines that the Grabber only needs blood and water to survive. It is later discovered that the creature is only deterred by a high blood-alcohol level. The townsfolk conclude that the only way to remain safe and fight the creature is to be inebriated and armed. Gleefully packing into the local tavern, the town denizens happily imbibe in preparation for battle.

Like ‘Shaun of the Dead’ (2004) Grabbers strikes the perfect balance between humor and action. Despite the low budget the “Grabbers” are serviceably rendered and actually pretty gross. The characters are loveable and setting the film in an Irish own makes it extra-funny to me because of the heavy accents and expressions such as “feck” instead of “fuck”.


Catfreeek said...

We liked this one too and I'll be reviewing it at some point, fun film.

AC said...

DKC's find from last year, right? Agree with Catfreek, it is a fun one!

Octopunk said...

Correct, AC! She nabbed it first. Feck!

Glad you liked it, JPX. The characters are totally lovable! I love the one guy who's supposed to be guarding but he wants to go inside and hang out with the all-town pub party.

DKC said...

I loved this movie and I'm happy to see it reappear on a few lists this year!