Thursday, October 08, 2015

The Babadook

(2014) ****

This movie was very well made. It gives you the creeps and chills at the most appropriate times!
It is hard to give a good review on this without some, reader beware!

Aussie made, a mother named Amelia is left to raise her son Samuel after her husband is killed in a car crash. Life is very tough for Amelia, with her full-time nursing position and trying to raise Samuel.Samuel always had a great imagination, but also had behavioral issues. It has come to the point that Amelia had to pull him out of school.
Every night she reads him a bedtime story..until one night when Samuel picks out an unknown book called Mr. Babadook!Poor Samuel became so frightened by Mr. Babadook's actions, Amelia had to stop and read another. That night Samuel had to sleep with the comfort of Amelia, after she finds a safe place to hide the book. The next night, Samuel is screaming from reading more of the book that just magically re-appeared! She tears the pages apart and burns it!

Samuels behavior worsens every day driving her crazy. She can't sleep and starts hallucinating calling out of work. She goes to the doctor for medicine for Samuel so he would have a good nights sleep.
She finally gets a wonderful sleep to be awoken by knocking at the door. She is harassed by school monitors and co-workers, concerned about their well-being. She explains that they are sick and will be fine.
Well, she is awoken to another knock at the door. Mr. Babadook is sitting on her doorstep all pieced together! She tries to make a report to the police but no one believes her. She keeps hallucinating, seeing her dead husband and Mr. Babadook!
Samuel notices her changes in behavior and becomes even more frightened! The hallucinations are so realistic that Amelia is having a hard time telling what is real!

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, even though I found Samuel to be a very annoying little boy!


AC said...

Yay, another entry for Babadook!! So glad you liked it too, Abduscias! I was torn between compassion and annoyance with Samuel.

Catfreeek said...

Woo hoo! Welcome to Horrorthon 2015! Great first choice.

Octopunk said...

Abby's here! Baba Dook DOOK DOOK.

Intersting the kind of Babadook stuff you can find on line. Did everyone see this little nasty that Trevor posted?

Abduscias said...

I loved that video, Octo! Great job Trevor!

Anonymous said...

Oooh, that sounds creepy! I haven't seen the movie yet but hope to buy it soon