Sunday, October 11, 2015

Happy birthday, Johnny Sweatpants!

JSP "helping me" break camp at the Sacramento River. Summer 2014.

Join me in wishing our humble Horrorthon co-founder a wonderful birthday! This morning I got his ass up early to go running for a school fundraiser, then we're galloping across the bay to San Francisco to see The Darkness! It should be a fun-filled day and I'm so delighted to be sharing it with a fun-filled person! I love you Mr. Sweatypants!

Crystal Math


JPX said...

Happy birthday, JSP!!! It sounds like you have a terrific day planned! Enjoy it, aren't you glad tomorrow is a holiday?

Catfreeek said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoy your sunshine & lollipops. Love you guys, couldn't ask for a better couple to be showing my boy the ropes out there. Planning a special December Horrorthon gathering on the 20th, my band will be playing and I cannot wait to see you guys! Hear that fellow bloggers? Save the date!

AC said...

Happy happy birthday Johnny Sweatpants! Sounds like the perfect way to celebrate (minus the run, you crazy kids).

Ooh, Horrorthon reunion in December! Hope we can join (will depend on my cousin's annual holiday party).

Octopunk said...

Happy Birthday JSP! Have a great day.

Excellent post, Crystal! Love the pic.

Abduscias said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!! :)

DKC said...

A very Happy Birthday, herr pants! Sounds like a great day!

7ofNine said...

Happy belated birthday, Senor Sweatpants!

Masterful strategy! I will borrow it next time I camp. Note to self: air mattress for camping is an option.

SUCH a good "helper..."

Johnny Sweatpants said...

Thanks everybody!